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Audemars Piguet Replica

The new Jaquet Droz model, Grande Heure GMT, is the latest interpretation of an traveler's clock. This latest timepiece from the Swiss company is a bit odd, as it's not entirely devoted to the fast-paced world traveler. Audemars Piguet Replica presents a more relaxed timekeeping system that includes two hour hands: one for local time, and one for GMT time zone. The two hour hands are circling around a Grand Feu enamel dial, which has a 24-hour scale.Audemars Piguet Replica There is also a slightly odd spacing between the hour markers. The minimalistic watch costs $26,400. It runs on a self-made automatic movement that has a power reserve of up to 68 hours.

The representatives of the company claim that the inspiration for this new product comes from the many travels made by the founder of the brand, Pierre Audemars Piguet Replica. The new timekeeper is a more relaxed display because the famous watchmaker and creator of automatas lived in the 18th Century. Grand Heure GMT features a Grand Feu enamel dial with ivory color. It is a unique hour scale, with Arabic numerals. This is because it keeps the 12 o'clock position on top as would be the usual case for a 12-hour scale. The one-hour hour marker will be next to the 24-hour marker,rolex cellini replica watches which is located at the bottom of the face. Each hour is divided into ten minute increments, and the half-hour markers are slightly different to make it easier to read.

Audemars Piguet Replica only has two hands. The red hour hand in gold shows the local time, while the blue hour hand can show the GMT or any other zone of time, based on the wearer's preference. The hands are mirror images, even though they have the same design. The hands have a similar base but the tips of both are offset. While the tip of local time hour hand has an off-set left, the tip for the blue hand has an off-set right.

The Grande Heure GMT is housed in a red gold round case. The thickness of the case is 11.85mm and its diameter is 43mm. The housing is a modest size according to modern standards. However, it appears larger due to its thin bezel. The sapphire crystals protect both the transparent back and the transparent front of the new Jaquet Droz timepiece. The water resistance of the watch is 30 meters.

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