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Tag Heuer Replica Watches

L'Epee1839 designed and manufactured the caliber. The 334 component and 50 jewel complex structure has a 2.5 Hz operational frequency. The mechanism is made from palladium-plated steel and has an Incabloc shock resistance system to guard against physical force.

The manual-wound movements are also finished with Haute Horlogerie finishes such as the Cotes de Geneve motif.

The robot-shaped clock has 146 pieces and measures 303 mm in height, 217 cm wide,Tag Heuer Replica Watches and 112 millimeters thick. Melchior weighs in at 6.3 kilograms. The transparent dome of its head, made from polished glass is surrounded by a polished brass bezel with palladium plating. The same material used for its bezel was also used for its spine and breastplate, while its abdomen and hips were made from steel. Its shins, feet, and shins are also made of this metal, as are the weapons and arms that are inside each of the robot's hands. The shoulders of the robot are made from red anodized aluminium.

The case (or the body of the robot) has been enhanced with several finishes, just like the caliber. Mirror polishing, anglage and sandblasting were among the finishes used.

Melchior has movable hands and legs. The owner must move,Cartier Santos Replica of course. Even though the clock is made beautifully, it's not a real robot.

Tag Heuer Replica Watches Melchior Robots are priced at around $35,700. The upcoming charity auction scheduled in Geneva on 7th November 2015 will reveal how much the red-accented version of the robots will fetch. The proceeds of the auction will go to research into a cure for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, just as they will for all the other unique pieces included in the offer.

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