Sydney Morning Herald - Friday 5 November 2004

Walk to Work

Australians have been urged to do their bit for the environment and walk to work today.

Thousands are expected to ditch their cars and use their feet or public transport on national Walk to Work Day.

Environment and Heritage Minister Ian Campbell said the environmental and health effects of reducing reliance on cars were significant.

"Walking even part of the way to work, and using public transport, can make a significant difference to the levels of pollutants released into the atmosphere, helping to make our cities more liveable," he said.

Transport accounted for more than 14 per cent of Australia's total greenhouse gas emissions, Senator Campbell said.

Meanwhile, the Pedestrian Council of Australia, which organises Walk to Work Day, urged employers to be more flexible on start and finish times today and lenient on dress codes and acceptable shoes.

It encouraged people who have to drive to work today to leave the car at least a kilometre away and walk the rest of the way.


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