PORT   Phillip Council workers are about to walk around Australia  —   while   still doing their day jobs.
Up to 100 of the bay-side council's 550 employees will begin a foot journey of 15,360km — the same distance as the mainland's perimeter.
But hopefully this trek won't see any worn-out shoes, injuries or need for support vehicles.
In this walkathon with a difference, participants can resume inarching any time they like on any day and complete their journey as a series of short, daily walks.
In fact, that's the whole idea — to encourage people to pull on their runners and go for a walk every day.
The novel program is set to start on national Walk to Work day next Friday, when each participant is issued with a pedometer to clip on to their belt to measure the distance they travel, whether they're walking to work, part of the way,
Fay Burst in
or just wandering down to the shops.
At regular intervals, distances covered by individuals will be added up and the equivalent distance charted on a giant map and posted on the council's intranet.
The brainchild of the council's sustainatale transport co-ordinator, Paul Smith, he hopes the physical, emotional and virtual journey will become a continuing program to encourage physical activity.
"Whenever we reach a major city, whoever gets there first will go into a draw and at the end we'll select one entry to win an airline ticket to that city," said Mr Smith, who walks 16km to work in South Melbourne from his home in Glen Iris once a week.
"As an incentive, we could all have, say, banana milkshakes when we got to Coffs Harbour!"
Mr Smith said the idea could be adopted by any workplace.
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