Bendigo Advertiser - Wednesday 21 September 2011

Walking challenge worth taking for Bendigo son
WALKING to work last week was a very personal challenge for Greg Clohesy.

As part of National Walk to Work Day Mr Clohesy decided to raise money for the Cancer Council in memory of his mother.

“It’s the second anniversary of my mum’s death next week. She died of bowel cancer,” he said.

To convince his friends to part with their cash, Mr Clohesy promised to run the 7km home from work and shave his head if he raised more than $100.

By 2pm last Friday, $700 had been donated and there was more on the way.

His friends must have thought he needed the exercise, a haircut, or both, Mr Clohesy laughed.

“But I should say I have been really touched and overwhelmed by all the people donating money,” he said.

As president of the Bendigo Take Action Group – a group that promotes public transport in the city – Mr Clohesy said it was also important for him to practise what he preached.

Last Friday he caught the train to work from Kangaroo Flat and walked from the station.

“It was $2 trip one way, which is the same as one-and-a-half litres of petrol, plus I didn’t have to worry about parking.

“I ran home at night because I just miss the 5.14pm train and the next one wasn’t until after 7pm.

“I made it home in time to kiss the kids good night. They don’t go to bed very late, but I’m not a good runner.”

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