Newspoint South Africa - Thursday 15 September 2011

Council staff to walk to work for cancer awareness

There is going to be the organization of the National Council Cancer Week Walk to Work day. The event shall make people walk to their offices for one day, in support of the cancer awareness cause.

This event shall work towards encouraging people to maintain a healthy lifestyle with a habit of walking every day. It is a well known fact that walking is good for health. It increases the blood flow in a person, gives enough oxygen to the heart to sustain and also helps one in shedding the loathsome kilos.

The registration is for free and the contestants shall also have a chance to win a lucky draw of a holiday at Bay of Fires in Tasmania. This has been sponsored by Virgin Australia as well as another holiday firm.

This is a great way of motivating people to incorporate good habits in their life. It is essential that people life a healthy life and keep in mind exercise and diet control. With the bust lifestyles of people these days, focusing on these things becomes a little difficult.

This will make them maintain a sound body weight which is a requisite for good health. This would keep them safe from the onset of diseases related to obesity.
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