Telstra Exchange - Thursday 15 September 2011
Spring is here and the cold weather is nearly behind us.  It’s time to get active and work off those excess winter kilos.
What better way to start than to join in Walk to Work Day this Friday 16 September!
Why not ditch the car and public transport, and think about building regular walking into your weekly routine?  Your mind and body will thank you for it!  It is proven that exercise improves health, happiness and productivity!  So all employers would be well served to get behind this initiative and improve their own ‘triple bottom line’ (people, planet, profit).
At Makin Trax we’re in the business of creating great walking and riding tracks in our natural environments. We firmly believe that a healthy body helps to produce a healthy mind and a great life …
The ACT government has recognised the effect of the triple bottom line and has been active in getting the community to engage in physical exercise in the natural environment.  Makin Trax has played a pivotal role in gaining support from the ACT Government to investigate the feasibility of the Centenary Trail project. Based on the outcome of the feasibility study the ACT government recently committed to the project and pledged $3.4million to the project! It is due to be finished in 2013 in time for the Centenary of Canberra celebrations.
The Centenary Trail will be a 130 kilometer multi-use track (walking and riding non-motorized vehicles) that circumnavigates Canberra.  It will be a multi day walk to complete the whole loop or can be broken into smaller walks. It passes through the urban and periurban environments and provides a fresh look at what Canberra has to offer.
New tracks at Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve, walking track upgrades and extensions through out Canberra Nature Parks and some exciting new trails soon to be delivered all add to the many opportunities for the local community to get into nature in a safe and sustainable way.
Makin Trax plays a significant role in creating safe, sustainable and enjoyable walking and riding experiences throughout the ACT.
Just last week, the Minister for Tourism, Sport and Recreation opened The Playground at Stromlo Forest Park in Canberra – a mountain bike trail loop. This came out of the ACT Government’s Trail Support Program giving local clubs and businesses the opportunity to invest in building new tracks and upgrading existing ones to keep Stromlo Forest Park on the top of the ‘must ride’ list for cyclists from across the ACT, the country and around the globe.  This is a great example of our local community working together in the creation of recreational areas to keep us all fit and healthy.
Tips for walking:
  • If you can’t walk all the way, use public transport and get off the bus, train, tram or ferry a few stops early and walk the rest of your journey
  • If you must drive, leave the car at least a kilometre from your destination and walk the rest of the way
  • Take a half-hour walk at lunchtime and where possible, use the stairs
  • Use the fitness you gain to get out in the natural environment on the weekends and go bush walking
Don’t put it off! This is a great opportunity to put one foot in front of the other and walk into a new, vibrant and healthy lifestyle. As the Chinese proverb states, “every great journey starts with a single step”.
Make Walk to Work day this Friday 16 September your first step in the journey to a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.
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