In My Community - Wednesday 14 September 2011

WHILE unable to walk to work or to Shenton Park, where he undergoes treatment for cancer, Gingin resident Paul King does manage to get on his feet to fight the disease.

Walking is part of Mr King’s treatment for prostate cancer that has now struck twice.

“I come to Milroy Lodge for the treatment, which means leaving Gingin around 8.30am and my appointments are usually around 1pm or 2pm,” he said.

“There are a group of us at the Lodge receiving treatment who get together to walk, but because of different appointment times, we aren’t always able to walk together.”

He said he did not let the conflicting schedules of his friends stop him from taking action against the cancer.

“I will still go by myself,” he said.

He said walking was an important part of the treatment.

“I need to exercise, I need to keep things moving,” he said.

Mr King has another five weeks at the Lodge before this round of treatment is over.

Residents are encouraged to walk to work this Friday.

Cancer Council WA nutrition and physical activity manager Steve Pratt said physical activity could help prevent some cancers.

“There is convincing evidence that physical activity protects against colon cancer, with around 15 per cent of bowel cancers related to inactivity,” he said.

“Regular physical activity probably reduces the risk of breast cancer and endometrial (womb) cancer too.”

Mr Pratt said for cancer prevention, 30 to 60 minutes per day of moderate to vigorous physical activity may be beneficial.

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