Nick McKim MP - Monday 12 September 2011

Step out for Walk to Work Day

National Walk to Work Day is on again this Friday and Tasmanians are being encouraged to try a change of pace on the way to work.

The Minister for Sustainable Transport, Nick McKim, said there were enormous benefits for individual health and well-being, and the environment, from regular walking as a means of transport.
“Walking is the most sustainable form of transport because it reduces traffic congestion and avoids vehicle emissions,” Mr McKim said.
“The Greater Hobart Household Travel Survey shows that many people are doing well at finding time for a walk.
“About 20 percent of all trips in the greater Hobart area are made by walking. However, about 75 percent of trips are made by car so we need to challenge ourselves to turn those figures around as much as possible.
“Almost all of us could benefit from more exercise and walking to work, walking up stairs, walking at lunchtime and walking home are all great ways of building more walking into our lives.
“Walking with others can help provide the motivation to get out and move. Walking as far as the school gate with the kids can also provide time for conversation which occurs less and less with our busy modern lifestyles.
“People can also consider walking part of the way and then catching the bus for the rest of the journey.
“Walking for just 15 minutes twice a day can significantly lift your mood and has been shown to improve employee productivity and reduce absenteeism.
“There’s also evidence that regular walking helps beat a range of chronic conditions, improves mental health and enhances general well-being.”
Mr McKim said Walk to Work Day, is now in its 13th year and participants can register to help raise funds for the Cancer Council.
“It’s good for us, good for our cities and good for our planet and I’ll be enjoying the benefits of walking to work on Friday morning,” he said.
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