CFA Connect - Monday 12 September 2011

Your health matters
CFA is taking part in two wonderful opportunities this week that will help us be kind to the environment and improve our mental and physical wellbeing.

Now in its 13th year, the Cancer Council National Walk to Work Day on Friday 16 September is an annual event that helps employers and employees build regular walking into their daily routine.

Did you know that people who walk before and during work are generally healthier, more productive and creative and less likely to be absent or on sick-leave? Regular walking can also help to relieve feelings of depression or anxiety. And it improves our environment by reducing car dependency.

We have noticed the prevalence of large scale disasters increasing in recent years, both locally with floods and fire events in Victoria and other disasters around the world. These disasters have a proven mental health effect on the communities that are devastated by them. Experts have linked the increase in these disasters to climate change factors, so by caring for the environment we are ultimately caring for the mental health of people and communities.

The Walk to Work website,, has some great practical ideas for building walking into your day on Friday 16 September and every day thereafter.  

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