The Border Mail - Saturday 7 October, 2006

For exercise, Ley votes for walk to work

By Di Thomas

For exercise, Ley votes for walk to work

MEMBER for Farrer Sussan Ley says people should consider walking rather than attempting to embark on more rigorous exercise they may be more likely to give up on.

Ms Ley took advantage of national Walk to Work Day yesterday to put her pronouncements into practice.

“I’ve done quite a bit of walking lately. For many people in Albury it is quite an easy thing to do and it doesn’t take you as long to walk as you might think it does,” she said.

“You can cover quite a distance.

“My main message is to try to incorporate your exercise in things you do every day such as walking to work otherwise you end up trying to do too much.”

Ms Ley said even when Parliament was sitting she tried to walk to work, which usually took her about 40 minutes.

She said by taking the opportunity to walk in the morning, people could complete their exercise in the morning rather than attempting to go to the gym in the afternoon or evening when they may feel less like doing so.

Walk to Work Day is an initiative of the Pedestrian Council of Australia which yesterday organised a series of walk-to-work breakfasts across the country.

Sussan Ley walks to work yesterday in Albury.
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