Just the day for a walk to work

Fairfield Advance

Wednesday 2 October 2002

DROP by Fairfield Council this Friday and you're sure to see Mayor Nick Lalich out and about walking.

That's because this Friday is Walk to Work Day.

Across Australia, about 1400 deaths from heart disease and diabetes could be prevented each year if just 10 per cent of Australian adults walked more regularly, according to the Pedestrian Council of Australia.

The Pedestrian Council is urging Australians to walk more and take the first vital steps towards a healthier, more environmentally friendly lifestyle through its annual Walk to Work Day.

“While walking to work is impossible for most of us, that doesn't mean we can't add a few minutes walk to our everyday activities this Friday,” Cr Lalich said.

“Fairfield has so many fantastic walking trails. The walking trail through Endeavour Reserve in Canley Heights is a great track for those wanting a flat walk, or perhaps try the Showground in Prairiewood if you are wanting something a little more challenging."

An initiative of PCA, Walk to Work Day is in its fifth year and is designed to raise awareness of the importance of walking as a healthy activity, and increase the use of public transport.
Australian track hero Matt Shirvington fronts the campaign.

“Through my involvement with Walk to Work Day, I'm hoping to raise further awareness of this national event so that everybody knows walking can make a huge difference to their daily lives."

He said participants can help achieve the four aims of Walk to Work Day: better health, cleaner air, less traffic and improved transport.