Step in the right direction

Parramatta Advertiser

Wednesday 2 October 2002
WE should all embrace any initiative which aims to improve our health while at the same time helping the environment.

Walk To Work Day this Friday, October 4 is one such initiative.

All current affairs programs, news bulletins, magazines and newspapers this one included have in recent months reported on the growing problem of obesity among Australians.

Walk To Work Day is a small, but simple, step towards beating this problem.

While the causes of obesity vary from one person to the next and rarely can be easily solved, exercise is always a step in the right direction.

And as Parramatta GP Dr Graham Malouf points out, it doesn't have to be as physical as squash regular, moderate exercise can work wonders.

Walking is perfect it mobilises your joints, helps reduce your cholesterol and will get you to work mentally prepared for the day ahead.

And if you also leave the car behind and catch the train or bus, you will be helping the environment as well as yourself.

What could be easier?