Sunday Herald Sun

Sunday 29 September 2002
AUSTRALIANS are encouraged to leave their cars at home for Walk To Work Day on Friday.

Walk to Work Day, an initiative of the Pedestrian Council of Australia and sponsored by the National Heart Foundation and Cancer Council, encourages better health, cleaner air and less traffic.

Council chairman Harold Scruby said people should use their cars less to combat rising levels of obesity and air pollution.

“This is the critical issue, that we've started using cars to go to and from work and shops and schools,” Mr Scruby said.

“Leave that car at home and go and feel your legs again - get a feeling of how good it is to walk.”

Experts say walking can reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and the risk of diabetes and heart disease and heart attacks.

Walkers can win $34,000 in prizes from Nokia and Telstra including the latest MMS phone, the Nokia 7650. To enter send your name, address and mobile number in a text message to 0438 453 366 by midnight on Thursday.