Perth Sunday Times

Sunday 29 September 2002
DEBBIE Johnson is a walking-class woman.

Rain, hail or sweltering heat doesn't deter Ms Johnson, 32, from walking 10km a day to and from her job at the Sport and Recreation Department.

The Glendalough resident started making the daily trek five years ago after deciding to improve her lifestyle.

“It's a great stress release in the morning and helps to clear my head at the end of the day,” she said.

The Pedestrian Council of Australia wants more people to embrace Ms Johnson's walk ethic and take part in its fifth annual Walk to Work Day on Friday.

The initiative, which is supported by The Sunday Times, urges people to leave their cars at home and take the first steps towards leading healthier lives.

Statistics showing about $76 million in health-care costs could be saved if 10 per cent of Australians walked more have fuelled the campaign.

Champion sprinter Matt Shirvington also has stepped out in favour of Walk to Work Day.
“Walking and catching public transport creates a win-win situation for everyone as we improve our fitness, the environment, road traffic and transport at the same time,” he said.
Walking keeps Ms Johnson fit and has helped her lose weight.

For more information visit www.walk.

* Walkers can win $34,000 in prizes from Nokia and Telstra including the latest MMS phone, the Nokia 7650. To enter send your name, address and mobile number in a text message to 0438 453 366 by midnight on Thursday.