The Daily Telegraph

Tuesday 31 October 2000


OLYMPIC silver medallist Tatiana Grigorieva and her athlete husband Viktor Tchistiakov are perfect examples of good health -- and both hope their fitness philosophy will rub off.

The pole vaulting couple are supporting National Walk to Work Day this Friday, an initiative of the National Heart Foundation and the Pedestrian Council of Australia (PCA).

Grigorieva said she and her husband regularly walked around the city and along beaches near their Adelaide home.

On Walk to Work Day, commuters will be encouraged to leave the car at home and catch a bus or train to work - walking the rest of the way.

Signposts around city parks will make those not familiar with the city more at ease.

Walking to work not only lessened traffic but also improved fitness, a PCS spokesman said.

Former Olympic gold medallist Herb Elliott agreed: “Walking should be a part of everybody's daily routine. By simply walking and commuting to work we can overcome the unnecessary frustration and stress that often arrises in traffic.”

NSW Minister for Transport, Carl Scully backed the initiative saying: “One train takes 1000 cars off our roads.”