Sunday Mail

Sunday 29 October 2000
By Kristy Sexton

QUEENSLANDERS are being urged to leave the car at home, take a deep breath, throw back their shoulders and join the throng for National Walk to Work Day this Friday.

But that doesn't mean you have to walk all the way.

Catching public transport is acceptable, as the aim of the exercise is to unblock arteries, relieve road congestion and cut pollution. An initiative of the Pedestrian Council of Australia and co-sponsored by the National Heart Foundation, it is the first time the event has been held in Queensland.

Premier Peter Beattie said the organisers' goal of better health, cleaner air, improved transport and less traffic would improve living standards of every Queenslander.

PCA chairman Harold Scruby said walking could make a huge impact on our lives.

“Public transport is another inexpensive alternative to the car in getting to and from work each day,'' he said. “Walking to the train or bus station really is a win-win situation.”

He said becoming a “walking-class hero” could help relieve congestion on roads and in people's lungs.