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Friday 2 October 2009


Shocking new information released from the Federal Health Department has reported that an incredible 61.3% of adults in Australia are overweight or obese and 72% of us do not exercise enough. 

In an effort to squash those figures, Christophe Borrel Ducroz of XTC Cross training and Coaching has registered for National Walk to Work Day – an initiative that asks all Australians to begin the healthy habit of regular walking, on Friday 2 October 2009. 

Putting his best foot forward, Christophe says he decided to join in the event because walking is such an easy and effective exercise. 

“As a personal coach I understand the importance of regular healthy activity and I always encourage my clients to walk whenever they have the opportunity and at XTC we include it in most training programs. Everyone is really busy and it’s always a struggle to maintain regular exercise. National Walk to Work Day is a great opportunity for every one to draw a line in the sand and say from today I will walk everyday – walking to work is a fresh and invigorating way to begin the day,” he said. 

“If people live a long way from their office they can get the bus to work like they normally do, but get off a few stops early and walk the rest of the way. If it becomes a regular habit – they get some get some daily exercise done before work, then they can focus on the day ahead and feel more energised!” Christophe said.

Chairman of the Pedestrian Council of Australia, Harold Scruby says:

“By walking more, you’ll enjoy better physical, mental and social health and help the environment.

“If your work is too far to walk, please use public transport and get off a few stops early.  If you must use the car, try parking it a good distance away from work and walking the rest of the way. Or walk to your first appointment or go for a walk at lunchtime!” he said.

Walk to Work Day is the perfect opportunity for businesses and individuals to put their best foot forward and step up their commitment to improving the nation’s health. Organisations from all walks of industry and business are being called upon to join some of the biggest companies in Australia and register for National Walk to Work Day. Registering as a Corporate Ambassador is a simple and easy way for organisations to demonstrate their support for better health and cleaner air. 

As well as organisations getting behind National Walk to Work Day, individuals are being invited to register as a Walking Class Hero to go in the draw to win a Walking Holiday in New Zealand for two people.