Think health and walk to work

The Daily Telegraph

Thursday 4 October 2001

By Caroline Adam

OLYMPIAN Jane Saville will set the pace in the annual Walk to Work Day tomorrow, leading thousands of Sydneysiders in the community event.

Participants across Australia will leave their cars behind and walk to work, joining Saville in the event organised by the Pedestrian Council of Australia.

Saville, who emerged as one of the memorable faces during the Sydney Olympics, said many benefits could be gained from the day.

“It can benefit all levels of fitness and it's good for people who aren't exercising a lot to gradually increase their fitness and health,” she said.

There are also significant environmental benefits to the day. “It reduces the gases that come out of the car and pollute the environment,” Saville said.

Participants will be walking to work from suburbs all around Sydney.

Saville, who will be walking into the CBD, is hoping to convince her husband to join the morning stroll.
“We're going to be walking from Milsons Point and then all the way over the Harbour Bridge, and we're finishing up at Wynyard Park -- we're having a breakfast,” Saville said.

For those who live too far away from work, Saville suggested catching public transport part of the way, then walking the rest.
“Get off the train or bus one or two stops earlier. Or get on the train or bus one or two stops later,” she said.
“A lot of people are concerned about their health and the environment,” Saville said.