Walk to work - and live

Mosman Daily

Thursday 4 October 2001

WALKING to work is a great way to unclog both your arteries and the traffic, says the Pedestrian Council of Australia.

Tomorrow, Friday October 5, is Walk to Work Day, when people are encouraged to leave their car at home, catch public transport to within walking distance of work and walk the rest.

The day is designed to promote walking as a healthy activity and reduce the use of cars for a cleaner urban environment. It is supported by the National Heart Foundation, the NSW Health Department, Transport NSW and the RTA.

Olympic gold medallist and world record holder Grant Hackett is a committed supporter.
“I'm lucky because my day ‘at the office’ is spent training and doing laps in the swimming pool. But for those who don't get time to escape during the day, walking to work is a great start to a healthier lifestyle,” he said.

Recent research by NSW Physical Activity Taskforce chairman Professor Adrian Bauman found that if just 5 per cent of Australian adults walked more regularly, about 1200 deaths from heart disease, colon cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes and other illnesses would be prevented each year.

Research completed this year by Dr Michael Booth found the rate of overweight and obese Australian schoolchildren had increased by 95 per cent between 1985 and 1995 a major public health concern.