The Daily Telegraph

Friday 28 September 2001

IF you're late to work next Friday, you won't have to worry about making up some excuse about how the train was late or your car broke down.

Just tell the boss you're late because you walked.

Workers across NSW are being encouraged to leave their cars at home on October 5, pull on their runners and pound the pavement as part of the 2001 Walk to Work day.

Supported by the National Heart Foundation and organised by the Pedestrian Council of Australia, the day aims to promote walking as a healthy activity and encourage people to use public transport instead of driving to work.

Organisers have asked employers to adopt flexible working hours on the day and allow more lenient dress codes.

Many local councils across the state have organised special meeting points for walkers and will provide breakfast on the day.

North Sydney mayor Genia McCaffrey will be up early to make the 15 minute walk from her home to the council chambers, before heading off to Milsons Point to meet other walkers.

The council will provide a free early morning breakfast for walkers before they head across the Harbour Bridge.

Olympic walker Jane Saville will lead the Harbour Bridge walk.

Last year, more than 300 people took part in the Bridge walk.