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10 September 2007

Western australians being urged TO WALK TO WORK TO BATTLE THE BULGE


According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), in the past decade, obesity in Australia has almost doubled. Today, 54% of us are now either obese or overweight.1  Which is just one reason, local residents are being asked to register for Walk to Work Day which is being held throughout Australia on Friday 5 October.


As well as preventing obesity, walking regularly also reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes and some cancers. Plus, walking, instead of driving helps prevent climate change by reducing greenhouse pollution.


Registering for Walk to Work Day costs just $20.  Each registration supports four of Australia’s leading charities – the Heart Foundation, The Cancer Council, Diabetes Australia and the Australian Conservation Foundation.  Registered participants also receive an official Walk to Work Day cap.


Organiser of the event, Mr Harold Scruby said: “The incidence of obesity in Australia has doubled over the past decade. And more and more, we’re seeing people reach for the car keys instead of putting their feet first walking – even for very short distances. 


Local residents have got to get to work somehow, so why not make it count? By walking more, you’ll enjoy better physical, mental and social health and help the environment.


“If it’s too far to walk, please use public transport and get off a few stops early.  If you must use the car, try parking it a good distance away from work and walking the rest of the way.” he said.


Registrations for Walk to Work Day are open now at


Employers are asked to support employees who pledge to walk on the day, by paying the $20 registration fee for each walker who walks at least one kilometre on Friday 5 October.  Businesses and councils are also invited to Host Healthy Breakfasts, as endorsed by leading nutritionist, Dr Rosemary Stanton.  For menu suggestions and more information about the event visit


1.     ABS  Australian Social Trends, 2007 Released 07/08/2007

Walk to Work Day is supported by the Australian Government and all State, Territory and Local Governments.

It is also supported by the Heart Foundation, Cancer Council, Diabetes Australia and

the Australian Conservation Foundation.



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