National Walk to Work Day - Friday 1 October 2010

Media Release


It might sound a simple solution to improve a company's bottom line, but walking is an easy and effective way to increase productivity according to one of Australia's leading corporate health experts, Dr John Lang.
Today Dr Lang issued a challenge to Australian organisations, to encourage their workers to simply walk more because he says, both workers and workplaces will reap the benefits.

"When it comes to inspiring health in the workplace, Australian companies need to keep up with the rest of world," Dr Lang says.

"We know workers who walk more are more productive and are less likely to be absent or take sick leave.

 "That's why free programs like Walk to Work Day's 'We're a Walking Workplace' initiative present huge opportunities for businesses to improve productivity and reduce absenteeism - simply because they provide easy, healthy and effective ways in which employers can encourage their employees to exercise more.

"Physical inactivity costs the Australian economy around $13 billion dollars each year. Those who are inactive lose on average, the value of two full days of work due simply because they're not as productive as those who exercise regularly."

The Walking Workplace initiative has been designed as a way businesses can get involved in National Walk to Work Day on Friday 1 October. Organisations who register as a Walking Workplace at, receive free information, support and ideas on how they can make walking work in their workplace.

As well, individual employees can show their support by Pledging to Put their Feet First and walk more regularly. Those who register go in a draw to win one of two walking holidays (one in NZ and the other in Australia) thanks to and or a free pair of Rockport shoes (RRP approx $200).

 Visit  for more information and to register as a Walking Workplace.

Contact details: South Australia - Chris Chalke on 8271 6099; 0418 827 924 or