July 2010

Individuals who walk often are more productive and are less likely to be absent or take sick-leave. That's why all organisations across Australia and their employees are being asked to step up to the challenge this year, with the launch of Walk to Work Day's latest campaign: WALKING WORKS.

WALKING WORKS is designed to encourage organisations to support their employees and build regular walking in their daily routine.

By registering as a Walking Workplace, organisations of all sizes will receive free information, support and ideas on how they can make walking work in their workplace.

Individuals can show their support by Pledging to Put their Feet First and walk more regularly. Those who register go in a draw to win one of two walking holidays (one in NZ and the other in Australia) thanks to and Wotflight or a free pair of Rockport shoes (RRP approx $200).

Walking advocate, Harold Scruby claims:  "When it comes to walking, Australian companies need to keep up with the rest of world.

"Many Australian companies are spending thousands of dollars on corporate training and motivation programs and yet relatively little on physical activity. There is overwhelming evidence proving that employees who are physically active, especially before work, are significantly more productive.

"There are some really simple ways in which organisations of all sizes can support their employees to becoming healthier, through easy and effective exercise like walking.  Walking to work, walking up stairs, walking at lunch time and walking home are all great ways of building more walking into the lives of the work-force.  Even 15 minutes before and after work each day can significantly enhance productivity and reduce absenteeism."

"Regular walking helps beat obesity, prevents diseases, improves mental health and enhances general well-being.

According to MB Private, the cost of physical inactivity to the Australian economy is estimated to be $13.8 billion. It is also estimated that 16,178 Australians die prematurely each year due to lack of physical activity.

Productivity loss due to physical inactivity equates to 1.8 working days per worker per year. #

Visit to register as a Walking Workplace or register your individual Pledge to Put your Feet First.