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If you wish to make a donation to the Pedestrian Council of Australia, you may pay by Cheque, Money Order or Credit Card. If you are paying by credit card, you may fax this form to us on (02) 9909-8277.

If you wish to post the form to us, include your cheque or credit card number and post it to:

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Pedestrian Council of Australia Ltd - ACN 075 106 286


The Pedestrian Council of Australia Limited is an Incorporated (Public) Company, limited by guarantee. The objectives stated in its Memorandum of Association are:
  1. the continual improvement of pedestrian safety, amenity and access;
  2. the promotion of walking as a legitimate transport mode and an important, healthy, social activity;
  3. the encouragement of the inclusion of pedestrian safety, amenity and access provisions in all urban and transport planning;
  4. the enhancement of community health and welfare and particularly the enhancement of the health and welfare of those members of the community who are aged, infirm, disabled, young, socially disadvantaged, tourists or included in any other special interest group or group of persons under any kind of handicap or disability; and
  5. research (including experiments and surveys and their publication) into all aspects of the objects set out in 1, 2, 3 and 4.
More information: see The Australian Pedestrian Charter