Rolex Day-Date Replica

Rolex Day-Date 41mm Replica watches are so rare that even the most experienced collectors are baffled by their existence. They are so rare that few people have ever seen one in person. This exceptional Rolex Cosmograph Daytona reference 6265 in vintage white gold, also known as "The Unicorn", exemplifies what it is. It is the first time it will be up for public auction after being part of one of the most prestigious watch collections in the world for many years.

swiss Rolex Day-Date 41mm Replica in 18 karat gold Reference 6265. Until now, the Cosmograph's owner has maintained that it would never be sold. It was simply irreplaceable. John Goldberger realized the value that could be gained from a public sale and decided to sell it. Children Action, a foundation that helps youth worldwide, will receive the watch. It will be the headline of Daytona Ultimatum. This thematic sale features 32 of the most rare and sought-after Daytonas ever produced by Rolex. This extravagant Daytona was made by Rolex in 1970. It was possibly a special order. We believed that the reference 6265 was only available in stainless steel. Before the discovery, the white gold reference 66265 was only available in yellow gold. Until then, it was believed that Rolex produced only manually wound Daytonas either in stainless steel or 18k yellow. There were also 14K gold Daytonas shipped to the American market. Although Rolex did occasionally create custom dials or bracelets, many people couldn't believe that Rolex would ever alter its standard operating procedures.

replica rolex for sale made a unique piece of jewelry for one customer. It was a Cosmograph Daytona with white precious metal case. This watch was made in 1970 and shipped in 1971 by Rolex. It was a special order from a German retailer. It was most likely the most rare, luxurious, and exclusive Cosmograph Rolex offered at the time. Rolex Daytona Reference 62665 In white gold, this chronograph stands out as Rolex's greatest creation. Its groundbreaking discovery ten years ago, reference number 6265 is now a part of Cosmograph Daytona history. It is hard to overstate the importance of this Daytona. Collectors have a unique opportunity to purchase a Rolex chronograph in vintage white gold after it unexpectedly appeared at auction. It was sold to Children Action. This is the first and likely last time that a white gold reference 626/9 will ever be made public. John Goldberger owns Rolex Daytona Reference 62665

Bernard Sabrier, the founder of Children Action, spoke out about the impact of the sale of the watch to Children Action. He said that John Goldberger was not only making an extraordinary philanthropic gesture, but also helping to make a lasting positive difference in the lives and futures of thousands of children. Aurel Bacs of Bacs & Russo, Senior Consultant, stated that the Foundation was honored to receive such a significant donation. I never imagined I would sell this watch. I've known John Goldberger for a long time enough to know what this means to him to make this decision. It is an honor to be able to sell such an important piece, the only manual-winding white gold Daytona. This watch will be remembered for all it did for Children Action when it was sold as part of the Daytona Ultimatum auction.

The best Rolex Day-Date 41mm Replica has a sigma dial and white gold indexes. They are in keeping with the case metal. This watch is unique and valuable because of the gold hallmarks in its lugs. Phillips, the current owner, added a bark-finish white gold bracelet to the watch after it was purchased. He is delighted to bring this watch on the market and to help children in need. Click here for more information about the "The Unicorn" sale. Rolex Cosmograph Daytona "The Unicorn", in 18-karat white gold Reference 6265 Daytona, is expected to fetch more than CHF 3 million when it's presented publicly during Geneva's 'Daytona Ultimatumí» sale.