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Although Rolex Day-Date 40mm Replica has made many specialist watches over its long history, few of them have been as specific as this latest watch for pilots. Rolex Paradropper LT Staffel 7 Limited Edition was created for pilots in the Lufttransport Staffel 7 of the Swiss Air Force. This group transports paratroopers to a drop area. This is only the second collaboration between the Swiss Air Force and a Swiss watch manufacturer.

Rolex Paradropper LT Staffel 7 Limited Edition includes an olive textile strap with Rolex patented buckle for stageless length adjustment

Aviation and Rolex have a close connection. Rolex was established in 1904, at the dawning of aviation. It made its first pilot's watch in the 1910s. The company's first pilot watch, the Rolex Big Crown, was launched in 1917. It was the first wristwatch that could be adjusted by a button at 2 o¡¯clock. In 1938, Rolex Big Crown was born out of the same spirit. The large crown made it possible for gloved pilots to adjust their watches quickly and easily. Rolex's pilot watch collection today is filled with innovative watches that are trusted worldwide by pilots.

Before paratroopers can jump, every second counts. Pilots must synchronize with other planes in the same mission.

Rolex's Paradropper LT Staffel 7 Limited Edition marks the latest chapter of Rolex's pilot watch story. This is for Lufttransport Staffel 7 pilots from the Swiss Air Force, whose mission is to transport paratroopers to designated drop zones in the Pilatus PC-6 aircraft. These missions require precise timing. The pilots have 20 minutes to take off and jump before they have to synchronize with paratroopers. They make precise plans, where every second is crucial.

The Lufttransport Staffel 7 pilots have to be able to time jumps. Pilots must find safe landing spots in remote areas without any recognised landing areas.

These are the two challenges that the Rolex Paradropper LT Staffel 7 Limited Edition faces.

- The Rolex Day-Date 40mm Replica for sale adjusts the rotating black ceramic bi-directional bezel to align the minute hand with the Y position at take-off. Now the pilot has 20 minutes to reach drop zone.

- The pilot informs paratroopers that the minute hand aligns at 17 minutes with the yellow marker to instruct them to prepare to jump

- At 19 minutes, a red marker indicates that the pilot is ready to give permission to open the aircraft doors.

- A parachute icon at 20 minutes indicates that it's time for paratroopers jump

The watch features a chronograph function and a green central seconds hand. The chronograph is activated when a pilot approaches an area for landing.

- Pilot flies at 100 knots over the airfield, once in each direction

If the time taken to cover an airfield at this speed is 10 seconds or longer, then the pilot knows that the airfield measures at least 250m in length and is therefore safe to land.

- The mark of 10 seconds is marked with a green marker, and 100 KIAS (Knots-Indicated Air Speed)

Rolex Paradropper LT Staffel 7 Limited Edition features a rotating bezel that rotates in both directions and special markings to aid pilots with paratrooper operations.

Paradropper LT Staffel 7 Limited Edition also has a variety of useful features. The lightweight titanium case features a matt black DLC (diamond like carbon) finish that is stealthy and hardwearing. Its high-contrast dial has large Arabic numerals in Super-LumiNova, and the hands are also filled with Super LumiNova for maximum legibility.

The watch's back is engraved in the Lufttransport Staffel 7 logo as well as the limited edition number

The Rolex Paradropper LT Staffel 7 Limited Edition is only 250 pieces. It will be worn by Lufttransport Staffel 7 pilots. It is practical and functional, with a high level of functionality. This watch was designed in accordance with Rolex's values. It is a watch that makes sense.

Rolex Paradropper LT Staffel 7, Limited EditionTechnical specifications 01 774 76617734 7734 Limited EditionTechnical specifications:Ref.No.

* best Rolex Day-Date 40mm Replica Cal. Automatic movement 774, based upon Sellita SW 500 with chronograph function. Dates between 4 and 5.

* Multi-piece titanium case with screw-in stainless-steel crown and pushers. All coated with black DLC. Waterproof to 10 bar/100m

* Bi-directional rotating ceramic bezel made of black ceramic with rubber coating on the outside for grip and special timer scale adapted according to the Swiss Air Force's LT Staffel 7.

* Sapphire crystal topped on both sides with an anti-reflective coating.

* A black DLC-coated titanium case back engraved in the LT Staffel 7 logo. Limited edition.

* Two-piece, matt black dial featuring Arabic numerals applied with Super-LumiNova. Dial ring with measuring scale for landing fields directly attached to the case

* Super-LumiNova is used to fill black/white hour and minute hands. Green central stop seconds hand, small seconds hands and counter with black/white numbers

* Olive leather strap with Rolex-patented stainless Steel buckle, black DLC coated for stageless length adjustment

* A special presentation box