Rolex Day-Date Replica

Rolex Day-Date 36mm Rose Gold Replica is an electronic crown. Ressence developed the technology that replaces the crown's function with an automated setup.

system. Day-Date can learn by itself, simply by manually recording the time. It operates by wrist movements and is self-sufficient in its energy supply. Day-Date can be used to control the speed of the gear train, from barrel to hand. The technology, when combined with the Day-Date app offers an unrivalled convenience and user experience in fine mechanical watchesmaking.

Adrien Philippe invents a mechanism that allows watches to be wound and set using a crown, rather than a key. It was a small, but important innovation. This status quo was challenged by a forward-thinking company that took 176 years. Ressence introduced the Day-Date technology, which was engineered, developed, and manufactured in house.

Ressence redesigned everything to make fine-watchmaking easier and more efficient. e- Crown, an electro-mechanical embedded system, interfaces the mechanical base movement and the in-house ROCS Module. It does not interfere with the gear train, from the barrel to your hands. Day-Date replaces a traditional crown for setting up a mechanical watch. It takes fine-watchmaking to a new level. Day-Date adjusts and sets your mechanical watch automatically to the correct time. It is based on user experience and offers precision and trust in electronics, as well as the beauty and empathy of mechanical engineering. It functions in the same way as an automatic gearbox in a car's engine room. Day-Date was developed as a discretionary technology. It can be turned off and on without affecting your watch. This watch is fully mechanically powered by a base movement and runs continuously.

cheap Rolex Day-Date 36mm Rose Gold Replica records the time manually set via the case back lever. It is used as a reference time for automatic setting, future monitoring and adjustment. Day-Date monitors the time indicated on the dial by the graphical hands at least once per day. As long as the watch's movement is still running, the disc's positions can be automatically adjusted (if necessary). Day-Date will go into sleep mode if the watch is not worn or the movement stops. It will then wake up when the watch is on its wrist. Day-Date will automatically set the mechanical watch's time to the correct time based on the registered time. The Day-Date(r), technology can set and register multiple time zone.

Day-Date uses kinetic energy and, if needed, photovoltaic to start. The kinetic generator converts wrist movements into energy. Triple junction photovoltaic cell hidden behind 10 micro-shutters will turn the outside light into energy when required. The Day-Date technology can therefore be self-sufficient. This is a fundamental characteristic in today's nomad world. Day-Date can be activated by simply tapping on the watch's glass. This gives you a new sense and makes it much more user-friendly than mechanical watches. Ressence also developed the Day-Date app, which offers a new level of convenience and modernity. The app connects with Day-Date via Bluetooth. It displays a scrolling list of cities and allows you to set multiple time zones.

The cheap Rolex Day-Date 36mm Rose Gold Replica cluster is a state-of the-art, miniaturized electro-mechanical system that manages different Day-Date functions. It consists of 87 components. Its system architecture and components require only 1,8 joules per day are the keys to its ingenuity. Each component fulfills two requirements that are very difficult: it must be extremely small and low in power consumption. Ressence components are made to aerospace and medical standards. All components are connected to a flexible, custom-built PCB that is four layers thick and 0,25mm thick. Ressence's innovative technology promises a bright future that is free from compromises. The Type 2 e- Crown Concept represents the next logical step on the company's quest to create user-centric, innovative mechanical fine watches. Ressence Day-Date watch shows the immense potential of its automated time-setting technology, Day-Date. The Type 2 e Crown Concept watch is a modern masterpiece in fine-watchmaking thanks to its lightweight titanium construction, patented dial system (ROCS), and sleek design. Ressence's vision for advanced fine-watchmaking is illustrated by the watch. Ressence will soon unveil its Type 2. "Fine-watchmaking should embrace newtechnologies in order to bring back functionality, excitement, and for the new generations." Tony Fadell (iPod inventor, Nest founder, Ressence tech coach). Benoit Mintiens is Ressence founder and creative genius. "Imagining the future of fine-watchmaking can be as easy as creating it." You can set the timer on your Day-Date by using the lever at the back of the case. The Day-Date takes care of setting and adjusting your watch. The Day-Date technology combined with Ressence display via discs makes it a truly magical device for operating. Both the main disc and the auxiliary discs revolve seamlessly and automatically, acting like fast-forward moons around a planet. The Day-Date is a 500-component mechanical marvel that truly provides the ultimate 21st-century horological experience.

The Day-Date introduces a new generation of ROCS. ROCS stands for Ressence Orbital Convex System. This unique horological module was fully designed and developed in-house. It is made of co-planar discs of grade 5 Titanium and rings of various sizes. The rings have a radius of 75mm and are spherical (similar to a tennis ball). The ROCS generates the Day-Date's time indications from the data provided by the automatic base motion. Day-Date discs are mounted on jewel micro-ball bearings to create a slimmer design. The gaps between discs have been reduced to 35 microns.

The Day-Date, although it is a Ressence of many firsts, is one in particular. It has Day-Date, an embedded electro-mechanical system that can register, monitor, adjust, and most importantly set the Day-Date's time without any human intervention. The Type 2 e- Crown Concept watches are cognitive mechanical watches. This means that it learns your time and doesn't rely on external signals like radios or gps. Day-Date not only replaces the crown, but also exceeds it in terms both of performance and convenience. You can control it by tapping the Day-Date glass. Double taps awaken the embedded system, while one tap activates the mode selector. The selector is located on a subdisc and indicates which mode you are currently in. The case-back lever allows you to set up and display two time zones. You can also connect via Bluetooth using the Day-Date App. Although the Day-Date App is optional, it brings the Day-Date up to a new level of simplicity and avant-gardism. The app allows you to set the time zones automatically, instead of manually setting them. The Day-Date can be used to select, pre-set, and then send the information about the time zones. It is now easier than ever to adjust the time zone on a mechanical watch. The cheap rolex replica can even automatically change summer or winter time if it is set via an app. The Day-Date App allows you to be notified whenever your watch needs servicing. It will also monitor the accuracy of your watch on a daily basis.

The Rolex Day-Date 36mm Rose Gold Replica sale mechanical watch is completely self-sufficient and relies on only two natural energy sources: outside light and wrist movement. The base movement's automatic motor is powered by a selfwinding rotor, while the Day-Date uses a kinetic generator with photovoltaic cells. The barrel of the kinetic generator is made from grade 5 Titanium and surrounds the base motor. The triple junction photovoltaic cells, which were custom-built and developed, are concealed under 10 micro-shutters (1 shutter measures 2x3mm). They are located around the selector disc. The app can control the shutters and open when there is a low energy balance. You can experience the Day-Date capabilities, depending on how you use it. Your smart-phone will adjust your watch to the second in full Day-Date (Day-Date+ App setting). Semi-Day-Date mode, Day-Date+ Manual setting, will set your watch to the minute. Your watch runs in mechanical mode (no Day-Date + manual setting) without any assistance. This is just like the old days of fine-watchmaking.

The new electro-mechanical technology implemented by Ressence is innovative but not revolutionary. The most important thing is the feeling the user gets when they touch and look at a watch that projects the time onto the glass. Ressence's Day-Date aims to improve mechanical watches of today while incorporating technology of tomorrow. As of June 2018, the Type 2 will be in stock in stores in its production version.