Truck ban in danger zones

THE SUN-HERALD - Sunday 30 April 2000


CAUGHT: A Brinks van near a crossing on Military Road.

CAUGHT: An Armaguard security van blocks a North Sydney footpath.
SECURITY firm Armaguard has ordered its NSW armoured car drivers not to park on pedestrian zones, following an investigation by The Sun-Herald and the Pedestrian Council of Australia (PCA).

Armaguard national general manager Keith Broadhouse said: "I have spoken to the NSW. office and we are sending out an edict that drivers are not allowed to park in pedestrian zones anywhere.

"We shouldn't be parking on pedestrian crossings and putting people's lives at risk.

" PCA chairman Harold Scruby said: "At last we are seeing some movement by somebody on this issue.

But he accused the Brambles and the Brinks security firms of continuing to pay drivers' fines and encouraging them to park in pedestrian zones.

"They seem to think that the carriage of cash is far more important than the safety of the public," Mr Scruby said.

" The vans are stopping on pedestrian footpaths, pedestrian crossings and no-go zones all over Sydney.

"If firms continue to support this behaviour then in the event of an accident they can be held responsible and made to pay substantial damages.

"Insurance companies wouldn't cover them I such an accident occurred.

"Brambles and Brinks declined to comment.

Mr Scruby said one of the worst sites was the Colonial State Bank at Spit Junction, on the corner of Military Road

He said: "It's one of the highest risk roads in NSW and these vans force pedestrians out into the road just to get by."

Colonial Bank spokesman Simon Morgan said: "We agree with Mr Scruby's campaign and we have written to the companies we use, one of which is Brambles, asking them to obey the law."

The PCA has been campaigning against the practice since 1996, and is supported by the NRMA and the RTA.

The security firms are supported by the Transport Workers' Union.

TWU senior executive officer Andrew Whale said: "The further away security drivers park, the greater the risk not only to the drivers but also to all the pedestrians in that area."