Street parking a backache for garbage collector

The Sun-Herald

Sunday 9 May2004
Miranda Devine

In narrow Springside Street, Rozelle, residents have always parked their cars with two wheels on the footpath. This allows garbage trucks and fire engines to squeeze through, while still leaving space for pedestrians. It's a commonsense solution for inner-west streets that predate the motor car.

But, after a campaign by the Pedestrian Council's Harold Scruby, the RTA and some councils have declared war on footpath parking.

Springside Street resident Ian Bryce, an aerospace engineer who took this photo, says Leichhardt Council began booking cars in March. The ridiculous result is that garbage contractors have been risking back injuries lifting cars out of the way with their bare hands.

"Cars and pedestrians have coexisted in these narrow streets, with minimal problems, for 100 years," said Bryce, who wants parking laws "moderated by common sense".

His solution is to allow cars to park on the footpath, but only up to a line drawn 900millimetres from the fenceline, and only on one side of the road. So far, all that has happened is the council has sent a smaller garbage truck up his street.