Armoured and highly dangerous

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Wednesday 28 May 2003

Safety threat - a Chubb armoured security van on a pedestrian crossing in Sydney
By MATT SUN – Commuter Reporter

CHUBB armoured security vans are putting public safety at risk by repeatedly ignoring road rules and driving through pedestrian-only areas such as Martin Place and the Manly Corso.

The dangerous practice continues to occur on Sydney footpaths and pedestrian crossings every day, despite assurances five years ago by Roads Minister Carl Scully that it would stop, and a request six months ago by Commonwealth Bank CEO David Murray for such action to stop.

Last Thursday, it took one Chubb driver just 25 seconds to rack up traffic offences worth 18 demerit points - well over the 12-point limit - while driving through Martin Place.

Video footage provided to by Pedestrian Council of Australia CEO Harold Scruby shows a Chubb van stopping at a Martin Place bank. After making its drop, the van drives across the pedestrian-only Martin Place to Castlereagh St, where it almost hits a passing taxi on the road.

The van then stops in the middle of a crossing, forcing about 30 pedestrians to walk in front and behind the van, before running a red light.

A Chubb spokeswoman was shocked when told about the incident and said the company would look into the matter. She said “internal disciplinary action” was taken against drivers who breached company policy.

On December 17, 2002, CBA corporate relations boss Jill Lester, on behalf of Mr Murray, agreed Chubb's behaviour was “unacceptable”.

“We wrote last week to our provider of cash delivery services bringing the issue to their attention and requesting that their drivers cease the dangerous and illegal practices you highlighted,” Ms Lester stated in a letter.

A CBA spokesman yesterday said: “We'll look at this matter again now in light of the latest concerns raised by the action .”

“We’ll look at the matter again now in light of the latest concerns raised by The Daily Telegraph,” he said.

Mr Scruby also has asked Mr Scully to implement a penalty for parking in a pedestrian zone and says he has been pursuing the matter since 1997.


How security driver clocked 18 points

IN less than half a minute, this Chubb driver appears to have committed these offences:

Overtake or pass stationary vehicle at pedestrian crossing or children's crossing - 3 points

Fail to stop or give way at pedestrian, children's or level crossing -3 points

Disobey traffic light-3 points

Negligent driving - 3 points

Not give proper signal when drawing out from side of road - 3 points

Not drive within single marked lane or line of traffic - 3 points

TOTAL -18 points


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