Sydney Morning Herald - Friday 4 August, 2006

Scruby in error

By James Chessell

It seems Pedestrian Council of Australia head Harold Scruby forgot to mention he's spoken to the people at Coca-Cola Amatil about parking fines. An item in Thursday's column described the time Scruby was wandering through Chifley Square - where Amatil chair David Gonski keeps an office, as it happens - when he spotted a Coke truck driving along a footpath.


Such shortcuts, while commonplace in places like France, are against the law.


While Scruby has suggested any fine would be picked up by "the company", this is not the case as far as Amatil is concerned.


We're told the fizzy drink company does not reimburse parking or traffic fines incurred by employees or contractors. Amatil has also requested that companies providing services to it adopt the same position.

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