ABC News Online - Wednesday 31 July 2002

Pedestrian council calls for bullbar sizes to be restricted

The Pedestrian Council of Australia wants legislation on the size of bullbars, especially for city four-wheel-drives, to be enforced to cut down the country's annual $15 billion road trauma bill.

The council's Harold Scruby says the legislation has not been changed since 1988 and states that nothing protruding or not essential should be fitted to a vehicle.

He says his group is not against small bullbars, that meet requirements, but is against what he terms the "Mad Max'' type, that are too big.

"There are three essential criteria for a bullbar. One, it must sit within the original profile of the vehicle," he said.

"Secondly, it must slope backwards, so it doesn't force pedestrians underneath the vehicle.

"Thirdly, they must have no sharp edges or protruding edges on them."
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