ABC News Online - Wednesday 15 January 2003

Take away unlicensed drivers' cars: Brogden
The New South Wales Opposition is receiving support for its plan to confiscate the cars of people caught driving without a licence.

Opposition leader John Brogden says first-time offenders found driving while their licence is disqualified should have their car immediately taken by the courts.

He says repeat offenders should face a court order for their car to be permanently confiscated and sold.

The State Government has not commented on the scheme, but Pedestrian Council chairman Harold Scruby says current laws are not working and the Opposition's proposal make sense.

"We've got between 4 and 7 per cent of people now driving unlicensed on our roads," he said.

"People who just don't give a damn about our laws.

"These people are between four times and eight times more likely to have future crashes, so they're the ones who're the main risk on our roads.

"The only way to get them off our roads is to take their cars away."
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