Monday 21 February 2005
PCA Calls on NSW Roads Minister Michael Costa to Consider Making Minimum Age for P-Plate Drivers 18 and Minimum Age for Driver's Licences 21 (as in Victoria)
The Chairman of the PCA, Mr Harold Scruby, today called on the new NSW Minister for Roads, the Hon Michael Costa MP, to seriously consider rasing the minimum age for a P-Plate Licence in NSW to 18 and a full Driver's Licence to 21.
Mr Scruby said:
"We have been campaigning in favour of this initiative for a long time.  It has been in force in Victoria for over a decade.  Here are just some of the reasons and benefits in increasing the minimum age of 18 years for p-platers and 21 for full licences:
1 You have to be 18 to vote, to drink and go to war - i.e. you have to be an adult . 
2 If you kill or seriously injure someone at 17, you are tried as a child , in a children's court and your name cannot be released.
3 With a variety of people (including the Deputy Prime Minister) and organisations calling for more driver training/education, by keeping the Learner age at 16 and increasing the P-plate driver age to 18, you are requiring an extra year of training, education and experience, requiring certain amount of logged time with professional driving instructors.  Then we suggest an additional 3 years as a P-Plate driver for conditional training and experience. (this is the law in Victoria)  The jury is still out on these so-called "defensive" driving programs.  Evidence from around the world suggests they don't work and can actually be counter-productive (see RACV report attached).  QUOTE  RACV:  'A better alternative for novice drivers is to promote extensive supervised driving experience among learners. 

See our Media Release of July 2004 

"This initiative will save lives and limbs." Mr Scruby added.

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Professor Danny Cass discusses the compelling evidence for the minium
age of a driver's licence to be 18 years as it is in Victoria.

Reporter: Simon Boda - National Nine News