The Sun-Herald   - Sunday February 13, 2005

40kmh city limit ahead

The City of Sydney is set to impose a city speed limit of 40kmh when its transport committee meets tomorrow.

If approved, Lord Mayor Clover Moore's pledge to reduce the speed limit in central Sydney from 50kmh to 40kmh will come into force when the Cross City Tunnel opens later this year.

It will bring the city into line with the 40kmh limit already in force in the business districts of North Sydney, Chatswood and Parramatta, and on the Balmain peninsula.

Ms Moore said that 730 responses were received during the November-December consultation period and 535 (73 per cent) supported the new speed limit.

"We need to ensure that central Sydney is a safe place for the many people who live, work and visit the city," she said.

Road safety statistics show that a pedestrian is twice as likely to be killed by a vehicle travelling at 50kmh than a vehicle travelling at 40kmh.

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