Manly Daily – Saturday 8 January 2005


Walk this way to good health


IT'S that time of year when resolutions start to be broken as most people know few make it past the first week of the new year.


But the Tourism, Sport and Recreation Department is giving ideas on helping people continue their resolve to get healthy.


And they aren't recommending anything too ambitious!


They suggest walking, the most popular form of exercise by NSW residents, or swimming which comes in at number two.


The walking-is-an-easy-option is something Pedestrian Council of Australia chairman Harold Scruby has believed in for a long time.


“I am amazed that people start up the car, drive to the gym and pay money to walk on a treadmill!” Mr Scruby said.


“So many people think they need to spend money on gym memberships and fitness regimes, yet one of the simplest and most effective ways to better health is to walk 30 minutes a day, regularly.


“Why spend money to walk on a machine, inside with sweaty people, when just outside the front door there is a entire, fresh community to explore!”


But if you want some more detailed ideas head to the Active Search website at




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