The Daily Telegraph – Monday 13 September 2004

Bullbars ‘fail to meet standard’


PEDESTRIAN safety bodies are up in arms over an advertising campaign about a bullbar.

Chairman of the Pedestrian Council of Australia Harold Scruby claims that a package being offered by Nissan for its Patrol Wagon, which includes an alloy bullbar, does not comply with Australian Standards.

“Our major concern is obviously the bull bar and the protrusion of the driving lights past the bullbar but also of concern is the tow bar,” Mr Scruby said.

“A lot of our members are from the Royal Blind Society and they are continually hitting their legs and ankles on these things, as well as many of us from the general public.

“It is a major issue, why the hell are we advertising bullbars in the city,” he said.

Nissan spokeswoman Lenore Fletcher said: “I can categorically tell you that every Nissan bullbar is tested and meets all ADR [Australian Design Rules] requirements.”



The Daily Telegraph – Wednesday 15 September 2004


Letters to the Editor


Tow bar humbug

Harold Scruby, the chairman of the Pedestrian Council, is at it again (Daily Telegraph, September 13). As a pedestrian and a motorist, I read with disbelief that he has now turned his attention to vehicle tow bars as a danger to pedestrians, especially the visually impaired.

As a sighted person I don't know how difficult it is for blind people to make their way around, but I respectfully suggest tow bars would be a long way down the list of potential hazards. Not too many people would not, at some stage, have walked into some nasty obstacle at shin height. Why single out tow bars?

Mr Scruby never seems to advocate pedestrians taking responsibility for their own actions. I invite him to stand with me on the corner of King and George streets in the middle of Sydney on any weekday and have a look at the conduct of pedestrians.

Luke Byer, Hornsby