Trial not so flash

Mosman & Lower North Shore Daily

Thursday 8 April 2004
SCHOOL safety zones with speed cameras such as the one outside Middle Harbour Public School have been excluded from a list of 30 new school zones to trial flashing warning lights.

An RTA spokeswoman said neither the 11 school sites currently trialling flashing warning lights nor the 30 school safety zones about to join the trial had speed cameras.

“No school in the state has speed cameras and flashing lights,” the spokeswoman said.

“They either have one or the other.”

Pedestrian Council chairman Harold Scruby said flashing warning lights as well as speed cameras should be placed outside schools such as Middle Harbour Public School to warn motorists the school safety zone is in operation.

“We want fairness for the motorist and the pedestrian,” Mr Scruby said.

“The trials of the flashing lights and the speed camera are flawed because they are not being trialled concurrently.”

“I bet 99 per cent of people caught speeding outside Middle Harbour Public School during school zone times were not aware they were going through a school zone.

“And I would be willing to bet the number (of speeding drivers snapped by the camera) would fall by about another 50 per cent if flashing lights were installed.”

A spokesman for NSW Roads Minister Carl Scully said the list of 30 sites where flashing warning lights would be trialled had been chosen based on “a number of different scenarios”.

The spokesman said factors included getting the right mix of urban and rural sites as well as junior and senior schools.