Brakes on in CBD

North Shore Times

Wednesday 4 February 2004
DRIVERS will soon be forced to slow down to 40km/h when driving through Chatswood CBD.

The speed reduction, which takes effect on Monday, February 9, has been hailed as “life-saving” by the Pedestrian Council's Harold Scruby.

“Willoughby is the second largest CBD in Australia that I know of (to adopt the 40 km/h limit); it is fantastic,” he said.

“At 40km/h, one out of every 10 pedestrians hit will be killed, five out of 10 will be killed at 50km/h and nine out of 10 will be killed at 60km/h.

“So you can see, it is a big reduction (in deaths).”

Willoughby Mayor Pat Reilly announced the speed reduction, which will come into force throughout the Chatswood CBD and retail centre.

“The new speed limit will not only make the CBD safer, it will also make it a more pleasant environment for pedestrians, shoppers, the elderly and people enjoying our outdoor eating areas and open space,” Cr Reilly said.

“Last year, there were 94 pedestrians killed in NSW, with 61 of those deaths in the Sydney metropolitan area. This initiative has the potential to achieve a reduction in casualties.

“Lower speed limits mean fewer pedestrian injuries and deaths, so the State Government supports the introduction of 40km/h speed limits in areas with high pedestrian volumes for Councils prepared to adopt the measure.”

The only other CBD in Australia known to have adopted the reduced speed is North Sydney.

The lower speed limit will only apply to roads that are signposted with 40km/h speed limits.