Bus-only lanes call

Mosman Daily

Thursday 4 December 2003



RAPID bus-only transit lanes should be installed on Spit and Military Rds because the current transit lanes do not work and are not efficient.

Pedestrian Council of Australia chairman Harold Scruby has renewed his call for the scrapping of transit lanes in favour of dedicated bus lanes across the Spit Bridge and through lower north shore suburbs.

He said over 50 per cent of motorists were using the transit lanes illegally which were very hard to police because cars had to be pulled over in peak time.

But Mosman councillor Jim Reid accused Mr Scruby of using "the cloak of the Pedestrian Council to support RTA demands to change the transit lanes along Spit and Military Rds into an all-day red carpet bus lane."

Cr Reid said this was being done under the guise of the latest buzz word - "quality bus corridors".

"This would affect businesses and residents along the main road and the wider community as the S-lanes at Murdoch St, Spofforth St, Belmont Rd and other left and right turn restrictions will be an essential part of the bus lane implementation," Cr Reid said.

Mr Scruby told the Daily Sydney could not keep putting more cars on the road and it was time to bite the bullet and go all the way.

He said more people should be encouraged to use public transport, with the average bus carrying about 70 people.

"Three taxis can legally occupy the same space as a bus, carrying a minimum of three passengers," Mr Scruby said.

"Traffic-flow is greatly impeded by the constant lane-changing of taxis and private vehicles darting in and out of the transit lanes to pass the buses when they stop.

"Commuters should be encouraged to use the faster, cheaper and more efficient bus services which mean cleaner air and fewer unnecessary private motor vehicles on the roads during peak hour."

Cr Reid said Mr Scruby's suggestion of the designated bus lanes would be yet another imposition on the lower north shore community.