Speed cameras save lives: study


Sunday 21 September 2003
A NEW study showing speed cameras save lives may prompt the NSW government to install more of them across the state.

The independent study found significant drops in deaths and casualties in 28 areas where speed cameras were operating.

The number of deaths in the camera areas fell from 21 in the three years leading up to their installation, to one in the two years since.

Reported crashes in the area fell by 20 per cent and the numbers of motorists exceeding the speed limit was down by 72 per cent.

NSW Roads and Housing Minister Carl Scully said he would consider increasing the numbers of speed cameras in NSW on the basis of the findings.

"The research shows that speed cameras work they save lives and reduce injuries," Mr Scully said in a statement today.

"No one likes being caught speeding, but speeding remains the single biggest killer on the roads."
The president of the Pedestrian Council of Australia, Harold Scruby, has welcomed the report and urged Mr Scully to install more cameras.

"It's proved what we've been saying all along speed cameras save lives," he said.

Mr Scruby said speed cameras should now be installed on the Harbour Bridge and in shopping precincts to prevent accidents.