When the police arrived the driver of this car was still arguing on a mobile phone

The Daily Telegraph

Saturday 11 January 2003

THE driver of this car was having a blue with his girlfriend when he drove straight into a pole.
And when ambulance and fire crews arrived on the shocking scene, they found the motorist with a few cuts and bruises -- and still on the phone to his girlfriend.

The driver, a 17-year-old P-plater, was driving his Mitsubishi Lancer home when he slammed into the pole on Flushcombe Rd, Blacktown, about 12.05am yesterday.
Inspector Chris Paine from Blacktown police said he was amazed the youth survived the crash.

“The rear half of the car was cut right off and stayed under the pole and the front portion skidded and jumped for another 22m before it stopped with the driver still in it,” he said.

“It's not a miracle that he walked away barely injured -- it is a miracle he walked away at all.
“The Fire Brigade was called to cut him from the car but he didn't need them -- in the end it was easy to get him out.”

The car left 55m of skid marks before it hit the pole.

Witnesses said the youth was still in his seat belt and on his mobile phone arguing with his girlfriend when found by police.

Sources said the youth was driving home after having a fight with his girlfriend when he crashed.

He suffered only minor bruises and cuts and was taken to Westmead Hospital where he received treatment including several stitches.

“His injuries aren't too bad when you look at what happened to the car -- I might have to get a Mitsubishi Lancer myself,” Insp Paine said.

He said police had yet to interview the motorist and were unable to confirm whether he was on the phone when the crash occurred.

“[But] he was on the phone when police arrived,” Insp Paine said.

Police sources said yesterday the fact the car had been torn in half indicated a speed more than likely in excess of 150km/h.

The section of Flushcombe Rd where the crash occurred is straight and crash investigators were unable to explain yesterday how the young driver lost control.

Insp Paine said, despite being only a provisional driver, police were powerless to confiscate the youth's licence.

Under current legislation motorists face an automatic one-month suspension for driving over 130kmh.

Any driver caught travelling 45kmh over the speed limit faces a six-month licence suspension.

“The Act is such that there are no grounds that provide for a collision,” Insp Paine said.

“It's amazing, but technically he could buy a 5.7 litre Statesman and there's nothing to stop him going for a drive today.”