MP attacks bullbar crusade

The Daily Telegraph

Friday 6 September 2002
THE Pedestrian Council of Australia’s plan to make bullbars safer has come under fire from NSW Labor MPs.

Murray-Darling MP Peter Black told the PCA yesterday that bullbars were a necessity for country drivers who regularly hit kangaroos.

“Bullbars are not a North Shore fashion accessory in the bush. They are a life saver and a necessity,” he said.

PCA president Harold Scruby said he did not want bullbars banned, but wanted a new design standard which would be safer for pedestrians.

“We are not saying ban bullbars totally, we’re saying create the proper standard and have it enforced,” Mr Scruby said.

“This is all about measuring risk. There are 20 million pedestrians in Australia.

“The standard will include requirements that bullbars don’t protrude from the vehicle’s profile, are rounded and not sharp, and that they slope backwards so pedestrians aren’t pushed
under the vehicle,” he said.