Grey ghosts turn a blind eye

Sydney Morning Herald

18 July 1998
By Robert Wainwright, Transport Writer

The Pedestrian Council of Australia has accused Sydney parking inspectors of turning a blind eye to commercial vehicles blocking pedestrian crossings.
The claim comes after a survey revealed that such parking violations occurred every two minutes in the CBD.

The council's chairman, Mr Harold Scruby, is demanding an inquiry into the grey ghost "culture" after a survey raised concerns about the threat to pedestrians of vehicles which stop illegally on crossings and no-standing or no-stopping zones.

Market researchers ACNielsen spent eight hours in central Sydney and North Sydney during which there were 250 violations but no sign of a parking inspector.

"I am concerned that there is a culture of parking officers that if someone is doing a commercial job, whether it's a truck, courier, taxis or armoured vehicle, then you turn a blind eye," Mr Scruby said.

A police spokesman could not be reached for comment.