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Wednesday 19 December 2009 

FoI Reveals Many Driving Offences Not Enforced
Friday 19 December 2009

The Chairman of the PCA, Harold Scruby, today released its FoI response into  penalties issued in NSW over the past 5 years for various driving offences.  It reveals some extraordinary and disturbing results, especially at a time when the NSW Road Toll (particularly Pedestrian deaths) is up almost 100 deaths on last year.

Mr Scruby said:  "One location alone (Druitt St corner George St), motorists stop on and block one of the busiest pedestrian crossings in the Sydney CBD during almost every phase."

"Yet, not one motorist has been booked for this offence since it was introduced into the ARRs on 1 July 2008, in the whole of NSW."

"It's an extremely dangerous offence and can lead to tragic incidents and serious injuries such as those experienced by Sophie Delezio."
"In spite of a recent urgent and major review of Pedestrian Safety by the NSW Parliamentary STAYSAFE Committee, none of this information (FoI data) was ever examined or considered."
"Upon closer examination of the FoI data, taken over the last 5 years (copy attached) , the number of penalties issued each year for each offence, appear  to remain remarkably and  inexplicably similar and consistent."
"This evidence must be urgently examined by all Road Safety authorities and the NSW STAYSAFE Committee so that there can be a regular and independent overview of the enforcement of all driving offences to ensure there are no quotas and that there is proper enforcement of all dangerous driving offences not just speeding, DuI and seat-belts."   Mr Scruby said.
Contact:  Harold Scruby (0418) 110-011