Scrolling ads will kill, claims PCA


Friday 19 July 2002

By Danielle Veldre


CHAIRMAN of the Pedestrian Council of Australia Harold Scruby has called for a ban on new forms of scrolling outdoor advertising, saying the new ads “are sure to cause a death—there’s no doubt about it”.

Scruby has written to Sydney’s Lord Mayor Frank Sartor demanding that new street furniture erected by outdoor company JC Decaux in the Sydney CBD featuring scrolling ads be banned because they are dangerously distracting.

“JC Decaux has announced they will be converting their static billboards to rolling billboards,” Scruby said. “Apart from many of these billboards already being positioned in extremely dangerous locations at pedestrian crossings and too close to kerbs... they will now also divert motorists’ attention by scrolling.”

Scruby said the new street furniture’s very effectiveness would contribute to further pedestrian accidents. JC Decaux is quoting statistics that two thirds of people look at scrolling billboards.

“We’ll be campaigning until they are removed,” Scruby said.

JC Decaux MD Angela Clarke did not return calls by press time.