Sunday 21 July 2002

On Friday night (19 July 2002), Saatchi and Saatchi and the Pedestrian Council of Australia were awarded the coveted “Best Commercial of the Year” at the “Australian Creative ATV Awards 2002” held at the Four Season Hotel in Sydney, for their internationally acclaimed “Prison” anti drink-drive commercial featuring Mark “Chopper” Read.

The advertisement also won two other awards: “Best of Show” and “Best Community Services Commercial”. Saatchi and Saatchi also won “Best Advertising Agency of the Year 2002” award. The commercial also won the internationally acclaimed “Gold Lion” award in Cannes last year in a field of over 6,000 entries from all over the word.

Chairman of the PCA, Mr Harold Scruby said; “We commissioned the ‘Prison’ commercial because of the utterly astounding and continuing number of Australians who are killed and injured on our roads each year, due to the effects of alcohol. Alcohol-related road trauma still represents approximately one-third of all deaths and injuries on our roads. The ad was based on two key pieces of evidence and research:

  1. The TAC’s (Transport Accident Commission – Victoria) research which revealed that a majority of men under 30 years of age, cared more about going to prison than they did about killing others, due to drink-driving.

  2. That the increasing number of ‘shocking’ Road Safety TV commercials were becoming ineffective because they were perceived as staged, unreal or illusory.”

Mr Scruby added: “The ‘Prison’ advertisement was designed firstly to show that not only would drink-drivers go to jail if they killed somebody, but that jail is an extremely frightening place in which they would be incarcerated with the likes of hit-men and murderers such as ‘Chopper’ Read. Secondly, it was designed to be factual and depict reality, concluding with the hard-hitting message: ‘A Killer is a Killer – Don’t Drink and Drive’. The ad complements Road Safety programs such as the TAC’s bridge-banner campaign which boldly and simply states: ‘DRINK. DRIVE. KILL. JAIL’.

“The PCA is eternally indebted to Saatchi and Saatchi, Silver Screen, Qantas and Mark ‘Chopper’ Read, who all donated their time and resources, free-of-charge, to make this award winning commercial,” Mr Scruby said.

The commercial can be viewed at: (click on PCA logo in side-bar)

Harold Scruby - Chairman/CEO – Pedestrian Council of Australia - Tel: (02) 9968-4555 (0418) 110-011

Mark Green – Account Director – Saatchi & Saatchi – Tel: (02) 9258-3865 (0410) 635-103