Black spot action call

Mosman Daily

Thursday 20 June 2002


A BUSINESSMAN has dubbed the road outside his Spit Junction office "the killing fields" and wants action to prevent further accidents and deaths.

Richardson and Wrench director Robert Simeon has seen at least 10 pedestrians run over in Military Rd near Brady St.

Three have been killed.

The most recent accident was two weeks ago, when a 50-yearold woman was hit by a bus and critically injured.

Mr Simeon says each day he and colleagues watch up to 50 people play "Russian roulette" by crossing six lanes of Military Rd traffic.

In addition to the numerous accidents, he said there had been countless "near misses".

Mr Simeon ran out to help following the most recent accident but "many of my colleagues cannot even face looking out of the window because so many people are playing this dangerous game with their lives each day.

"It is tragic and extremely upsetting to see someone get hit, lying on the road in a pool of blood - every second seems to be an eternity.

"Do we need to re-invent the wheel for pedestrians?" he asked. "We should be looking seriously at fences along the kerb, perhaps warning and danger signs - they need to be protected from themselves.

"I'm absolutely staggered at the number of mothers who are crossing the road with children because there is a designated crossing only 60m up the road and the (overhead) bridge which provides safe access across.

"If a fence could save one life, then it is worthwhile making the effort," he said.
Mosman Mayor Jim Reid said he sympathised with Mr Simeon and his colleagues who had witnessed so many accidents.

He said he would be happy to help mediate with the RTA to find some solutions.

"It's almost impossible to stop people being the victims of their own impatience but I'm happy to take this issue up with the RTA," he said. "A kerb fence has been previously proposed but I'm afraid you may still get people walking around the fence."

Harold Scruby of the Pedestrian Council of Australia said he would ask the RTA to make the entire section of road from Ben Boyd Rd, Neutral Bay, to The Spit a lot safer for pedestrians.

"At the moment this area has the highest pedestrian accident rate in NSW. With the ageing population and without some creative approaches and actions, these horrible statistics will only worsen," he said.