Push to lower driveway toll


Sunday 26 May 2002
THE SUN-HERALD Sunday 26 May 2002

Push to lower driveway toll

MOTOR vehicle designers should look at new safety measures to cut down the number of children run over in the nation's driveways, the authors of a new study suggest.

Transport safety researchers believe fitting devices such as video monitoring systems, additional mirrors and proximity sensors to cars could reduce the driveway death toll.

But they said increased public awareness and better design around driveways were also needed to help stamp out the problem.

About 12 children are killed annually in driveways around Australia. The study, which was published by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau last week, found most driveway accidents occurred at or near the victim's home where both the parent and child were likely to feel the child was safe.

The driver of vehicles involved in driveway accidents was likely to be a man and a family member or friend.

Vehicles involved were generally large, with the majority being four-wheel drives (4WDs), passenger trucks or utility vehicles.